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Introduction to Dart | Windows

Dart | Windows is a suite of packages for working with Windows from the Dart programming language. It aims to make it easy to write Dart code that can access Windows hardware and system services, using traditional Win32, COM, or Windows Runtime API calls.

Why write Windows code with Dart?

There are a number of scenarios where these packages might be useful to you. A few examples:

  • You're a Flutter developer writing an app that will run on Windows, and you need to access a hardware accessory such as a gamepad. Or you want to read a setting from the Windows registry.

  • You're writing a new cross-platform package, and you want to write the Windows implementation.

  • You're writing a command-line utility with Dart, and you want to access more file APIs than the dart:io package directly offers.

  • You're writing an app that needs to integrate with other existing Windows libraries that have published metadata.

The purpose of the Dart | Windows packages is to provide access to the underlying Windows APIs from Dart code without having to directly map API conventions to Dart.