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Win32 functions

Win32 functions are exposed through package:win32 as global Dart functions, so you can call them just like any other Dart function. For consistency with the C-based functions that they wrap, they are named with title case rather than the Dart camel case convention. Here's a simple example of calling the Beep API to play an A4 note for ½ second:

Beep(440 /* Hz */, 500 /* ms */);

Detecting success or failure of a function

Most Win32 functions use the return value to indicate their successful execution, with a non-zero value indicating success and zero indicating failure.

package:win32 provides the SUCCEEDED() and FAILED() functions as convenient methods to test the result. For example:

final hr = CloseWindow(hWnd); // minimizes a window given its window handle
if (FAILED(hr)) {
print('Window could not be minimized.');