ActivateKeyboardLayout function Null safety user32

int ActivateKeyboardLayout (
  1. int hkl,
  2. int Flags

Sets the input locale identifier (formerly called the keyboard layout handle) for the calling thread or the current process. The input locale identifier specifies a locale as well as the physical layout of the keyboard.

HKL ActivateKeyboardLayout(
  HKL  hkl,
  UINT Flags


int ActivateKeyboardLayout(int hkl, int Flags) {
  final _ActivateKeyboardLayout = _user32.lookupFunction<
      IntPtr Function(IntPtr hkl, Uint32 Flags),
      int Function(int hkl, int Flags)>('ActivateKeyboardLayout');
  return _ActivateKeyboardLayout(hkl, Flags);