AnimateWindow function Null safety user32

int AnimateWindow (
  1. int hWnd,
  2. int dwTime,
  3. int dwFlags

Enables you to produce special effects when showing or hiding windows. There are four types of animation: roll, slide, collapse or expand, and alpha-blended fade.

BOOL AnimateWindow(
  HWND  hWnd,
  DWORD dwTime,
  DWORD dwFlags


int AnimateWindow(int hWnd, int dwTime, int dwFlags) {
  final _AnimateWindow = _user32.lookupFunction<
      Int32 Function(IntPtr hWnd, Uint32 dwTime, Uint32 dwFlags),
      int Function(int hWnd, int dwTime, int dwFlags)>('AnimateWindow');
  return _AnimateWindow(hWnd, dwTime, dwFlags);