SysReAllocString function Null safety oleaut32

int SysReAllocString (
  1. Pointer<Pointer<NativeType>> pbstr,
  2. Pointer<Utf16> psz

Reallocates a previously allocated string to be the size of a second string and copies the second string into the reallocated memory.

INT SysReAllocString(
  BSTR          *pbstr,
  const OLECHAR *psz


int SysReAllocString(Pointer<Pointer> pbstr, Pointer<Utf16> psz) {
  final _SysReAllocString = _oleaut32.lookupFunction<
      Int32 Function(Pointer<Pointer> pbstr, Pointer<Utf16> psz),
      int Function(
          Pointer<Pointer> pbstr, Pointer<Utf16> psz)>('SysReAllocString');
  return _SysReAllocString(pbstr, psz);